Pershing 80

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat - Francia

“Like a lightning bolt out of the blue,” that’s exactly what happened with this Pershing 80’s refitting.

September 2013, was transferred with the new owner from the Adriatic coast to Cote d’Azur. The boat was struck by a lightning bolt in the middle of the sea that caused a total electrical blackout, putting out of use instruments, generators, and engines. CMM Yacht Service, initially called to intervene in assistance, was in charge of restoring the functionality of the boat and simultaneously, with a record time, to carry out a refitting that will be later appreciated and requested by other owners.

In addition to the complete restoration of complete onboard electronics and the replacement of all the illumination and instrumentation with modern equipment, aesthetic-functional interventions have been carried out such as:

  • Realization of an extendable teak table with steel bases;
  • Realization of new cushioning and new backlit boat name;
  • Realization of a walk-in closet obtained from the current study area
  • Mirror TV installation in the owner’s cabin