Fluiten – Research, Innovation and Passion all “Made in Italy”

CMM Yacht Service is a distributor, an installation and also a service center of Fluiten mechanical seals.

Fluiten has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of mechanical seals for rotating shafts since its foundation in 1962. Quality is the byword in this Italian company which has contributed to the worldwide reputation of quality Italian-made products.

Thanks to his flexibility and technological competence in facing challenging or unusual operating conditions, from over 20 years Fluiten s the strategic partner of choice for the major manufacturers of medium/large propeller shafts and ship builders of all types. The company applies his expertise in the marine sector to produce seals of incomparable reliability which ensure maximum safety in the water.
The mechanical seal is subject to great stress, particularly when travelling at high speeds or in rough seas. Fluiten offers shipbuilding solutions which include different motor-reduction gear system configurations and different shaft sizes so that they are suitable for all types of vessels, in addition to the strict technical specifications as established by ship owners and end customers.

The advantes of Fluiten mechanical seals

Reliability and safety in all conditions
mechanical seals for propeller shafts fulfil a crucial function in that they separate the inside of the craft from the sea-water in the area where the propeller shaft passes through the vessel itself. fluiten offers innovative and safe propeller shaft seals for marine use.

Maximum efficiency and respect for the environment: no oil lubrication
The total absence of auxiliary lubrication is essential: the fluiten seal is flushed directly by sea-water with no leakage of any polluting substance into the environment thus avoiding ecological damage. Another advantage is the reduction of fuel consumption. Fluiten seals are designed to comply with all the customer’s specifications, to minimise power absorption, to eliminate the wear of the shaft and the periodic adjustments which other seal systems require.

Strength and flexibility
With the use of a system of leg drives, the surfaces of the two faces remain perfectly parallel and in contact. Therefore the Fluiten seal accepts radial and axial movement and vibrations and performs well in all conditions

Those who spend time at sea know only too well that shipworms and barnacles cause great damage. The Fluiten seal is equipped with a system that protects the critical parts of the seal from microorganisms and maintains the necessary flexibility of the stationary ring, essential to tolerate the movements of the shaft. The Fluiclean device improves the performance of the seal and prolongs its life. As there is no need to remove barnacles, maintenance costs are reduced.

Self-aligning rotating ring
The seal designed by Fluiten has a rotating ring with an unusual geometry and drive pin to guarantee perfect perpendicularity between the propeller shaft and the sliding surfaces. This is essential for the correct functioning of the seal even when the shaft is of large dimensions and
of high speed. Furthermore, the drive system does not leave any scratches on the shaft and so seizing does not occur during dismantling.

Cost reduction
The Fluiten mechanical seal does not have any parts which could cause friction on the shaft and therefore the wear which is present in other systems, such as packing and lips, does not occur. With regards to power absorption saving, the Fluiten seal is hydraulically balanced and absorbs less energy than the aforementioned devices and enhances performance.

The maintenance is essential to avoid any future malfunction and its consequent cost of repairing. As the saying goes “better safe than sorry”!

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