CMM Yacht Refitting

We take care of your yacht

Storage, maintenance period but also an opportunity to renew your yacht, improve its use and consequent life on board.
All this is CMM Yacht Service, a company capable of making every space comfortable, functional and innovative, making design without ever distorting the very identity of each yacht, an essential element to which every owner is linked.


    Whether it is a redevelopment following maintenance or renovation for customization needs, the basis of each refit is craftsmanship, a keyword, and synonymous with quality and professionalism.

    Wherever there is a request, CMM dedicates its special attention to all lovers of the sea. Each of its refits is the result of design proposals, an example of style and high craftsmanship, a balance between tradition and innovation, experience, and creativity.

      Design Project

      A refitting intervention allows one to upgrade a boat from an aesthetic point of view but it is also an opportunity to improve it from a functional-technological point of view.

      Over the years, a boat model can be reviewed, revised, the production yards themselves modify its layout to correct design errors of the past or to meet new needs.

      Thanks to the consolidated experience, the result of dedication in maintenance and assistance service matured during its activity on the main brands of the sector, CMM has made refitting a real art, synonymous with craftsmanship and quality all “Made in Italy”.

      Infinite can be the requests as endless are the solutions.
      Make your wish, we are here to grant it!


        Refit Overview

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