New look, new charm

Pershing 76, a refit by Master Service Point for a yacht for sale not to be missed

A sinuous and at the same time aggressive line, a sporty profile accentuated by the silver of its new paintwork. This beautiful boat has been the subject of a total refitting which has involved aspects – from the aesthetics and design of the exterior and interior spaces to the technical features of the engine room.

A major refitting that began in 2018 with the complete repainting in silver color of the hull and the superstructure, an operation that was followed by the replacement of the solid teak deck and the refurbishment of the sundeck cushions. Afterwards, we focused our interventions in the engine room, the beating heart of every yacht and a real power jewel when comes to Pershing.
Step by step, the CMM technicians have provided for its total reconditioning, overhauling all the systems and replacing the pipes – special attention has been paid to the generators, removed and overhauled at the bench. To complete the refitting, the lighting system and the entire insulation structure have been replaced, leaving nothing to envy to the new models of the range.

After the external and technical part, all that was left to do was to focus our activity in the interiors.
They have been revised, a new finish for the furniture in ivory lacquer has made the already spacious cabins even brighter, a new quilted leather upholstery for the accessories that gives elegance and thickness as well as a new lighting system with designer lamps to characterize every single environment.

A complete restyling for this beautiful model from the Pershing shipyard, an upgrade in terms of comfort, design and especially value. Only one thing remains to be done … make it sail!

The boat is one of the models for sale offered by the shipyard and is currently visible at the CMM headquarters in Mondolfo, where the company is finishing the last works waiting for the launch expected within the month of May.