Specialists in yacht and boat stabilization


The significant experience in the service sector is the main strength on which the major manufacturers of the Seakeeper and Humphree stabilization systems have focused, identifying CMM Yacht Service as a qualified partner both on the national territory and for the foreign market. Thanks to its “worldwide service” activity, CMM deals with resale, installation, commissioning, and assistance for Seakeeper and Humphree wherever it is needed, on boats of any model and size.


An important feature of both stabilization systems is the advantage of being able to position them even after the construction of the boat and even on small hulls, a prerogative that has made it possible for more and more owners to require the installation of these options on their boat, obtaining maximum stability and comfort on board.

Both stabilizers are called “zero speed”; that is, in addition to stopping the roll of the hull with the boat in motion, they operate with the boat moored, in port or at anchor.

Installing a stabilizer will improve the way you live the sea and your boat will have an added value.



The Seakeeper stabilization system implements the principle of the gyroscope, an instrument that, by exploiting its rotating movement, tends to maintain a condition of balance and stability of the hull in such a way as to absorb almost completely the roll of the boat. 

SEAKEERPER boat stabilization system



The Humphree stabilization system allows stabilizing the boat employing electrically operated fins, which opening and moving counteract the undulating movement of the sea.

HUMPHREE boat stabilization system